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RE: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software


	You would be correct - to enfold is to envelop or enclose. I guess
self-enfolding would be to surround ones self?


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From: Stefan Meretz [stefan.meretz]
Sent: Saturday, December 22, 2001 1:30 AM
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Subject: Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software

I. Claude Harper wrote:
However, this view overlooks important aspects. In short: The
important point in Free Software is, that for first time in history
"self-unfolding" becomes a relevant factor on the societal level.

well I don't know what is the societal level and if Free Software is
closer to being there than anything else, but I will offer some food
for thought on examples of self-enfolding.

Does _en_fold has the same meaning as _un_fold?

I thought that "enfold" goes into direction of "closing" while "unfold"
means "opening".


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