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Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software

Does _en_fold has the same meaning as _un_fold?

I thought that "enfold" goes into direction of "closing" while "unfold"
means "opening".

yeah, I meant "unfold" - ignore my mistake
I often switch things around and mix up letters
I think that mistake started happening after I was looking up all the words
we were discussing,
in particular, after looking back I noticed
"develop" = de + envolope

Main Entry: de·vel·op
Pronunciation: di-'vel-&p, dE-
Function: verb
Etymology: French développer, from Old French desveloper, desvoluper to
unwrap, expose, from des- de- + envoloper to enclose -- more at ENVELOP
Date: 1750
transitive senses


Thread: oxenT00252 Message: 2/2 L1 [In index]
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