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[ox-en] Participatory Economics

something people on this list might find interesting...
Participatory Economics

or actually I think that parecon would benefit from hearing about
Oekonux/Free Software Society/Unfolding ideas.

I suggest Stefan Merten (or whoever) contact Z Magazine for an
interview/article to get them thinking about some of these things.

(Michael Albert is an editor of Z Mag and one of author of Looking Forward
on Parecon and speaker at WSF on Parecon.)

It'd be nice to see more conversations with those outside the world of Free
Software/OSS.  And it'd be nice to see Parecon rewrite their pathetic
chapter on computers/information society with our help.  Scanning, I don't
see anything on FSF/OSS or more general intellectual property issues.  If
nothing else, I think I may have to submit something on that.

Parecon and Oekonux sort of fall into the same category of post-capitalist
socio-economic theory and practice.  You also see a similar mix of ideas,
what I might call post-anarchist/leftist.  That is, people in both might say
they are or were anarchists or libertarian socialists, are critical of
capitalism, do not seek statist solutions, are focussing on what it is
instead of what it's not, etc.  Both would probably benefit/enjoy a


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