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Oekonux and ZMag (was: Re: [ox-en] Participatory Economics)

Hi all!

Last week (12 days ago) I Claude Harper wrote:
On the other hand, writing for ZMag does sound like a good idea - it's got
a big audience and I would think a much wider circle of supporters than
parecon itself.

I looked at it not so much for what it was, but who the audience was - what
their interests/motivation/goals are.  And yes, the broader ZMag audience
would be far better.

What these people desperately need is exposer to the Free Software -
Unfolding society ideas with examples of how things are working in the gpl
world and that it actually works.  I think ZMag would be a really good
audience for some of these ideas.

I don't know ZMag. I heard of them for years and what I understand
from them is, that they are a / the most important radical leftist
magazine in the USA. Is that correct?

Personally I tend to this policy: The political persons will find
Oekonux anyway - if they are interested enough. So Oekonux does not
actively need to contact them but rather is contacted by them. After
all IMHO in Germany this worked to some degree.

Admittedly I'm a bit afraid of leftist political persons because over
many years I witnessed too often how destructive they can be. If they
discover us this is a different thing because then they relate to our
content and our style rather then the other way around.

Particularly in the Free Software sector I see things differently. In
this field I think we should more actively try to get into contact.
This is true for other non-political sectors, too.

Well, that's my personal view of course, and though IMHO it worked
pretty well in Germany (and it's of course much nicer to get asked
than to try to sell your stuff ;-) ) things may be different on an
international level.

That said there would be another problem: Who is going to write an
English article? I mean I'd find it nice anyway if we would have an
English introduction to Oekonux which could be used as an article very
well. There is a two third complete translation of one of my older
texts but this is not so much an introduction to Oekonux.

Perhaps it would be possible trying to make a somehow collective
effort here or as an OpenTheory project?

I'm going to do my first English presentation in a few weeks in Zagreb
and so I'll get active in this field until then anyway but I'd
appreciate if some of the native English speakers could give it a try.

What do you think?

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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