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[ox-en] Open source vs capitalism

I have been following discussions for a few months and would like to
contribute. I hope this message is not too base for some.

I see open source/free software as a provider of a superior
alternative, to proprietary code.  As more people become aware of the
benefits of this type of software the other will dwindle.  I think that
2002 will see the confirmation of this.

p2p and the consumption of downloaded music bypassing traditonal means
is a good example.  So if a vital resource, in this case, software can
be provided regardless of the profit motive then what should stop other
alternatives being developed.  For example in a few decades we may all
have the technology to grow super foods, on the roofs of our houses, or
something equally strange from outer leftfield.  If this were to
happen, then the traditional sources of food resources would be out of

I believe the solution to our lack of freedom can be found on the path
to anarchy, by individuals behaving altruistically in an informed
world, through voluntary actions. I believe that a majority of people
actually want most people to have the best life possible and this is
why most people will behave altruistically.

What bothers me is that the same problems facing IP and its abuse by
copyright is that similar harm is happening in many, many industries. 
I hope that the internet community quickly works it all out and the
viable alternative to capitalism conquers the tyrants.  I feel, this is
a very natural progression when you look at our ecology and the damage
it is enduring.  The most important next step for open source would be
to provide an unlimited and free source of clean energy.

You can never have freedom on Earth.  My freedom depends on technology.
 My freedom exists in the future, when I can defy Earth's geographical
limits.  Star Trek gets it right with the super IP archive computer but
is way off the mark with the "Yes, Captain".


Scott Mackinney

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