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[ox-en] Fwd: AICA OpenSource Meeting - call for contributions

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Date:  Sat, 25 May 2002 00:09:40 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  Paolo Pumilia <xpol>
Subject:  [wos] AICA OpenSource Meeting - call for contributions
To:  wos
Message-Id:  <20020524220940.GD642 wigner.cstc.lan>

Final release.

- ---
A conference about open source will be organized by the
AICA  OpenSource work group, next september.

We would like to encourage partecipation of scholars from
all over Europe.

We should be grateful if you could be of help in circulating
our call for contribution.

Here enclosed is the announement

thank you

- --
Paolo Pumilia

Coordinatore del Gruppo di Lavoro 'Opensource' AICA
AICA 'Opensource' Work Group Coordinator
email: paolo.pumilia
cell. 328.33.79.837
AICA - Opensource
Website: http//

AICA - Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico
p.le R. Morandi, 2 I-20121 Milano

e-mail: segreteria

- -- enc. ----------------

- ----- english
  Open Source and Globalization

  "Open Source and New Means to Protect Intellectual Property"
  ("Open source e nuove modalità di protezione della proprietà
  a Meeting supported by the OpenSource AICA work group <>,
  to be held within the 40th AICA national congress, Bari september 25-27th.

  The Meeting intends to explore how the open source production philosophy
  has been received by traditional information technology and economic
  theory and legal scholarship, with special attention to the relevance
  of open source methodologies as a connection between globalization of
  economy and the demand to make the most of local cultures.

  Our purposes:
   - to promote research
   - to help the increasing number of scholars involved in open source
     to network

  Abstract proposals should go to the organizer of the session, Prof. Andrea
  Bonaccorsi <bonaccorsi>, from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
  in Pisa,  within the end of May (preferably).

  Comments and suggestions about the above topics can be submitted and
  discussed in 'opensource', the official group mailing list
  <> or in the wiki web page

- -- italian
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