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[ox-en] Free Book: Free Software Project


I just received a hint to

a book by Andrew Leonard which is written completely online -
including comments from the public. Similar to OpenTheory

  What we're doing is taking a book about the history, ideas and
  personalities behind the free-software/open-source movement -- a
  book that Andrew Leonard is in the process of writing -- and posting
  it, in pieces, here, as it's written. We're publishing the book as a
  work in progress and inviting readers -- Linux veterans and newbies
  alike -- to post their comments, criticisms and reactions. Leonard
  will in turn respond, and incorporate changes in the text as seems

I did not read a single line yet (and wonder when I'll find some time
for that... perhaps someone else can give an impression), but this is
a nice example of transferring the principles of production of Free
Software to another field - book writing in this case. They express
that even explicitly:

  Our hope is that this format will subject the book to the same kind
  of online peer review that the open-source movement applies to its
  software code. Everybody benefits: We get to improve the editorial
  product we're creating, and visitors to the site get what we hope
  will be a unique informational resource -- a take on this story that
  you won't find anywhere else.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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