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Re: Value of software (was: Re: [ox-en] New pages in the introduction)

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Timm Murray wrote:

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On Monday 03 June 2002 12:23, Graham Seaman wrote:
We need to find a chemist. ;-)
Since a) a bottle of aspirins costs me less than it does to download
mozilla, and b) people manage to create labs to produce ecstacy,
amphetamines, LSD etc in their kitchens with almost no capital, I suspect
in general, very little - the interesting thing would be, are there
SOME medicines which are genuinely expensive to make, or none at all?

Perhaps a catlyst hasn't yet been discovered, so it takes years for the proper 
reactions to take place.  Perhaps a reaction will only take place under very 
strict conditions (like absolute darkness at 130 kelvins, no more and no 
less).  Perhaps it needs a chemical which is very hard to come by.  Any one 
of these could make a medicine very expensive.

Are either of the first two common in creating medicines?
And in the 3rd case, are there actually 'rare chemicals'? Meaning I 
suppose firstly are there medicinal chemicals based on rare elements,
and secondly, do synthesis costs always come down once you have volume?

(I have no idea at all about the answers to any of that...)


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funny :-) 


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