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Re: [ox-en] CNET: Lindows, anyone?

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Graham Seaman wrote:

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, geert lovink wrote:

(It is interesting to see how recent releases of OpenOffice,
Mozilla and Lindows are slowly opening up the field for
mainstream MS users. Ciao, Geert)

And all three heavily tied in with commercial interests who don't have the 
free software community's interest at heart :-( is LGPL'd, Mozilla is Free Software (non-GPL), while
Lindows (the OS, not the service) is a proprietary add-on to Free Software
(Based on Xandros which is based on Debian, but what make Lindows
different isn't Free Software).  I don't think we can lump them all

  While I'm not a fan of Sun or AOL, they are restricted in what control 
they can exert on these projects.  If the community doesn't like what 
these companies are doing, they can take the ball and run with it without 
input from Sun or AOL.

  Lindows actually makes me nervous a bit.  It is a merger between Windows 
and Linux in how it operates, but that includes some of the "flaws" in 
Windows.  One is that most Windows systems, as well as Lindows, runs by 
default as administrator/root.   I have long since believed that a system 
that encourages end-users to log in as root simply doesn't belong 
connected to the Internet.

  Will it provide a clean migration path for people otherwise afraid of 
Linux?  Will its designed-in windows-like flaws end up hurting the 
reputation of Linux?

  It will be interesting to watch this!

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