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Re: [ox-en] free software, free technology, and government..

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, Chris Croome wrote:


On Sat 31-Aug-2002 at 06:08:15PM -0400, Graham Seaman wrote:
Unbelievable report from Venezuela (well, it's true so not unbelievable,
but you know what I mean... :-)


Wow, that is interesting. Have your tried posting it to other places
like slashdot? I wonder if it would be worth inviting him to the
conference in November?

I hope a minister would have more to do with his time ;-)
And to get it on Slashdot someone would have to translate it into English
and put it somewhere Slashdot-proof first...
It has been on (spanish slashdot) but didn't get much
comment there. 

There's also a paper around with more background to his ideas (also in 
which is IMO very relevant to the discussions on the German list about
Negri's Empire book. But also a bit long to translate :-(





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