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Re: [ox-en] free software, free technology, and government..

Hi Graham!

Last month (35 days ago) Graham Seaman wrote:
Unbelievable report from Venezuela (well, it's true so not unbelievable,
but you know what I mean... :-)


Reporter: 'Minister, on what do you base your plans for an economy
of solidarity and free software which you are driving forward in the
Ministry of Planning and Development?'

Minister: 'Free software is an extremely interesting phenomenon, which

This is really unbelievable. Looks like random quotes from Oekonux -
from a minister...

Only one word one does not find on Oekonux: solidarity. It's
interesting how important this concept is for this guy. May be we
have to learn something here?

How long till the CIA runs a successful coup against them now -
they're upsetting Bill as well as the oil companies now ;-(

Actually CIA seems to do a bad job lately - something like this must
not happen at all... Well did they ever do a good job ;-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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