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Re: [ox-en] free software, free technology, and government..

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Graham Seaman wrote:

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Chris Croome wrote:

Actually it did make it:

Ooops... I'd been on holiday and missed it. Teach me to check before
writing next time! ;-)

This time, I don't think slashdot has got to it yet - another law on free
software in the state, this time Colombia. Was presented to parliament
this wekk, don't know how long it'll take to work its way through to a 
vote. for the text.
One of the nice things with this one was that the text was available on 
the colibri web site for some months before, for comments, suggestions,
additions etc.

And finally some small signs of movement from (my) home - the UK -
Doesn't actually commit anyone to anything, but still interesting -
links the need for developing countries to limit patents as far as they
can get away with in spite of US pressure (for farming, faced with
GM companies, for medicine, and to allow development in general), to
their need to limit copyright (to allow cheap access to educational
books), and to the encouragement of open source software as a development

(funnily enough, the last UK government paper related to free software
came out in MS format - this one has Word AND PDF AND html - but they
seem to think html is called 'htm'. Oh well).



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