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[ox-en] "German" list (was: Spreading the word)


On Tuesday 08 October 2002 14:02, johan soderberg wrote:
You should post this to the German list too...

I'm afraid my German is not sufficient. Could someone
else do that?

The "German" [ox]-list is not a German-only but a German-also 
list, and originally, it was a German-English mixed list. 
[ox-en], on the contrary, was created to keep German postings 
out, as most internet users do not understand them anyway, and 
therefore would not want tosubscribe to a mixed language list.

So, you can always post stuff in English to the "German" list, 
and expect half of the answers to be in English.


Thread: oxenT00616 Message: 9/44 L5 [In index]
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