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Re: [ox-en] Richard Barbrook article (fwd)

A correction/amplification of my reply to Benni... seems I'm
turning into a courier...


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Subject: Re: [ox-en] Richard Barbrook article


On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 08:18:20AM -0400, Graham Seaman wrote:
Thought this might be interesting - bit breathless, but good.

The magazine originally wanted a manifesto about the hi-tech gift economy!

This is the same "Richard Barbrook" from "Californian Ideology"
( It is in some sense
complete the opposite view, or not?

Yes, the same person. IMO it is in general the same point of view -

Exactly. However, Benni Baermann is correct that there is a change of
emphasis from 'The Californian Ideology'. Andy and me were annoyed when
some of our admirers/critics described our article as "anti-American". A
few years later, I decided to wind up these people in my 'Cybercommunism'
article describing the hi-tech gift economy as "the American road to
communism"!! The latest article is partially a remix of this point...

Richard has a tendency to very heavy use of irony ;-)

Well I never...

If I remember correctly, much of the Californian Ideology was also
an attack on the whole Deleuse/Guattari trend,

This is 'The Holy Fools' article. It's on our website for anyone who is

and unless I'm much
mistaken he still feels the same way about them;

i.e. Anarchism is neo-liberalism for hippies.

this is not the same as
attacking the phenomena he talks about in this essay.

As in 'The Californian Ideology', I'm celebrating giving gifts as an
integral part of the 'mixed economy' of the Net. My aim is to demonstrate
that the *social democratic* (i.e. Marxist) analysis of the hi-tech gift
economy is much more credible than that offered by Deleuzoguattarian

Viva Lula!



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