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[ox-en] 9.11 Netzwerke London (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 23:25:54 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From: richard barbrook <richard>
Subject: 9.11 Netzwerke London


See below. Would you or any of your comrades from Oekonux like to be
speakers at the Saturday afternoon symposium?




The date has been confirmed as part of ICA's Digital Festival - Saturday
9th November 2002, 3.00pm-1.00am in the Nash & Brandon rooms + ICA Bar.

 9.11 Netzwerke London - a networked society event - in conjunction and
parallel with 9.11 Netzwerke Frankfurt at Mousonturm curated by Station

Symposium: The Nature of Networks.

Nash and/or Brandom Room, 3-8pm
 Dr Richard Barbrook (Hypermedia Research Centre), Benoit Faucon, on-line
correspondent for 'Les Echoes' (the French equivalent of the FT) + others

This debate will be streamed, or if we can work out the technology, video
conferenced to the 9.11 Netzwerke Frankfurt symposium featuring Malcom
McClaren & John Coate (as a "good californian", he will talk about his
networks since the 60ies, which led to The Well, the EFF, etc.) and vise

 Our regular streaming partners Groovy Gecko will support us in the
technical requirements for this.  They've also put us in touch with Astro
who specialise in video conferencing and we're talking to them.

 The 9.11 Netzwerke Frankfurt symposium will be streamed/video conferenced
into the Nash and/or Brandom Room. This is a tentative schedule:

 13:00-14:00    Einlass, Get Together
 14:00-14:30    Welcome & Intro-Speech by the curators: Station Rose/Elisa
Rose & Gary Danner
 14:30-15:15    Lecture 01: Dr.Thomas Feuerstein - "netze, narration und
kontingenz" in german
 15:15-15:30    short discussion
 15:30-16:15    Lecture 02: John Coate - "the new underground" in english
 16:15-16:30    short discussion
 16:30-17:15    Lecture 03: ICA London & Dr.R.Barbrook - "title?" via
webcast/videoconference, in english
 17:15-17.30    short discussion    
 17:30-18:00    coffee break - in the lobby
 18:00-18:45    Lecture 04: Ralf Homann - "netze at universities" in german
 18:45-19:00    short discussion
 19:00-19:45    Lecture 05: F.E.Rakuschan - "Netzwerke. Wo vieles schon tot
ist, ist alles erlaubt." in german
 19:45-20:00    short discussion
 20:00-20.45    Lecture 06: Malcolm McLaren - "Networking & POP" in english
 20:45-21:00    short discussion
 21:00-21:45    Panel with Thomas Feuerstein, John Coate, Ralf Homann,
F.E.Rakuschan, Malcolm McLaren; moderated by STR/Elisa Rose & Gary Danner.

 You can get on overview and details of 9.11 Netzwerke Frankfurt @ the
Station Rose web site <>

Networked space

ICA Bar - 3-8pm
 We want to create a networked environment in the ICA Bar to link London to

 This 'playful' shared space could include:
 live web streaming and web cams, PDA games and online gaming, Pogo (2.5
generation mobile device) interactions, chat rooms and web logs, collective
jamming - Socket's Jungulator software, MP3 jukebox (developed for but not
implemented at Cybersonica), Mobile phone cacophany, SMS screen which
displays SMS messages in both London and Frankfurt  

 Cybersalon Social
 ICA Bar - 8pm-1am
 A social night in the ICA Bar featuring laptop live acts, DJs and VJs - in
conjunction with the electronica Play Label (Japan).  

 Tentative line up includes:
 Kansas City Prophets (live) (Control Tower Records) - electo/electronica
 The iRielalists (live) - electro dub
 The Bowling Green - Micko (DJ set)
 Rusty Warren (DJ Set) - hiphop/funk
 Subculture Sound System (DJ set)(Play Label)
 DJ Pye (Paris) (DJ set)
 VJs - Sapo + Ed Cookson



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