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[ox-en] Digital Rights consequences

The digital rights people use the warm wooly words "trusted" and 
"security" when what they really mean is 
  "We want to control what you can do. We don't trust you. Laws aren't
  enough. We must have our hands at your throats at all times." 
Their "trusted" "secure" systems become far less trustworthy, secure, 
efficient, or practical for the public than open source alternatives. 

"Unlike some technical controversies, the facts of the DRMP [Digital 
Rights Management Passport] debate can be easily determined [by] non-
experts. The trade press has seen through the "security" claims and a 
little reading will provide a great deal of information. But the 
definitive determination is to ask vendors to share the risks of DRMP. 
Will vendors of DRMP infected software and hardware warrant that DRM 
agents or their hardware assistants will not cause or contribute to any 
safety or security failures? Will they provide a warranty that DRM agents 
cannot interfere with your fair use rights or your rights to use your own 
data or rights to use purchased digital data? It's easy to say that DRM 
passports are reliable and non- intrusive and that articles such as this 
one are alarmist. Accepting liability is something else. Will your vendor 
indemnify you against any losses due to DRMP? If the answer to the 
question on indemnification is, "no", the risks to purchasers are obvious. 
The potential gains are not obvious."   

This article has excellent examples of the dangers of enforcing digital 
rights in hardware or software from a practitioner in the field. It seems 
polemic at the start, but the effect of computers and networks enforcing 
licenses on data and programs becomes more and more scary. "Nothing can go 

wrong... go wrong... go wrong...."

The costs of DRM are not just in making the chips or programs. The costs 
are not just in restricting the rights and freedoms of the public. The 
costs are also in making computers and devices even more unreliable, 
inefficient, awkward,  unusable, and dangerous.


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