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[ox-en] Report from the conference

Hi lists!

Currently to my knowledge there is no report from the conference yet.
This is a pity, because at the moment we are not able to respond
positively to requests for an article :-( .

I started an OpenTheory project at

which may help to change this situation.

Its structure follows the schedule closely but this is just an idea
for the first version. Other aspects may be added of course. However,
I'd find it nice if each contribution could get two or three
paragraphs as a report so in total there is a useful overview over the

During the next few days I'll write some paragraphs about the
presentations I were able to attend. But I would be glad if you all
could add your cent :-) . Feel free to add English paragraphs, I'll
translate them to German in the next version.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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