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re:[ox-en] left gets nod from right on copyright

Hi everyone, 
The last weeks have been a mess, and there has been no time for list particpating. Now I'm reformed.

On the story about Posner. 

A friend of mine was there and it's not as simplae as the article made out. 

Posner is an economaoist fundamentalist. He knows that things have gone too far. His way to have his cake and eat it is to propose a ten year long copyright duration, _infinitely_renewable_ but contingent on the payment of huge renewal fees. Thus things that were regarded as valuable would never enter the public domain, but most stuff wouldn't be worth the time and cost of renewal and would thus enter the public domain. 

Of course up until the 1976 act, copyrights had to be renewed after 28 years or else they entered the public domain, and few renewals took place. Posner's position is not exactly critical, but perhaps even worse, as it removes the stuff we need as critical cultural workers or free software programmers, for example, from our reach forever.
No thanks. 

johan soderberg  wrote:

An note I found on another list 

Left gets nod from right on copyright law  (CNet)
U.S. Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner, one of
America's most prominent jurists, warned Tuesday of an
"enormous expansion" of intellectual-property law,
adding a conservative voice to a chorus of 
criticism that's so far come from the left...[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED].html

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