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Re: [ox-en] johan

Hey Graham,

Good stuff , I just wanted to get a sense of how people felt about the idea.

A collection based on the conference itself doesn't have any sense for me, but rather a combination between the essential Oekonux texts (such as the Stefans'), some essays from elsewhere (eg Johan's, maybe Richard Barbrook), and new pieces/works from the conference. 

The list you've assembled is very useful. Now if there was nice Twiki around where we could collectively annotate and extend it...... autonomedia's new twiki should be ready in  a few days but if anyone else had one that'd be good. Such a list would be useful anyway as a sort of list resource.



Hi Alan,

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 alan wrote:

Hi all,

<snipped other threads>

Lastly, I'd like to come back to Johan's book posts; I also feel
strongly that this is the right time to do a book and would like to know
if there's anyone else who feels the same, or are we alone?

Is this to be a book which represents oekonux somehow? If so, then
it needs the basic oekonux texts by the Stefans translating. 

Is it to be the 'book of the conference'? If so then maybe we could
ask Stefan Mn if we can have copies of the talks submitted so far. But
we still need translators.

Is it to be a collection of new articles? Then we need to decide on
a theme so we can decide what existing articles are appropriate and
see what new ones people would be prepared to write for it.

Personally, I think the 'book of the conference' would be easiest but
least interesting: the theme is simply that these talks were given at
the same conference, rather than something that ties the articles
together more organically.

 Whichever we do, one starting point would be a simple list of the 
articles/talks we already have, and in what language. I've started to put
one together, but it's already a bit long to send all of to the list.

It looks like this:

<article type="essay">
<context>Oekonux basic text</context>
<author>Stefan Merten</author>
lang="de"></location> >
lang="es"></locat> ion>
<title lang="de">Gnu/Linux - Meilenstein auf dem Weg in die 
GPL-Gesellschaft</ti> tle>
<title lang="es">Gnu/Linux - Un hito en el camino hacia la sociedad 
<title lang="en">Gnu/Linux - Milestone on the Way to the 
<wordcount lang="de"></wordcount>

<article type="talk">
<context>1st Oekonux Conference</context>
<author> Andy M<FC>ller-Maguhn </author>
<title lang="de">Netzvisionen und -realit<E4>ten</title>
<wordcount lang="de"></wordcount>

... etc
(sorry about the messed-up umlauts etc - didn't survive cut-and-paste).
I plan to complete this, play around with the format, and then put it some 
where people can get it. Then some brave soul needs to decide which
articles get used, and which need translating...
(the reason for the word-counts is that some of the talk writeups are very
brief and I guess they'd be the first to be dropped...)

Is this a sensible way to go about it or am I wasting my time?



collaborative authorship : collective memory: mass intellectuality


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