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Re: [ox-en] Discussion on anarchism on Debian devel

Hi Kari and all!

2 months (80 days) ago Kari Pahula wrote:
There's a thread going on on debian-devel with subject
'is Debian an anarchist organization/project?'

I checked it out and found it quite interesting. Not so much the
political arguments but the background about the internal structures
in Debian which shone through in the postings.

Can you or anybody else tell us more about how Debian is organized
internally? Perhaps: In theory and in practice? Actually I'm keen to
know from someone who really can tell (i.e. is / has been on one of
the lists for example).

As for chip fabs.  How will you get several thousand people in one place, all
highly trained (in some cases having years of specialist training) and ready
to work at the same time other than having someone pay them?

Because they want it? Because it makes sense to each of them? Isn't
that how the world should look like? Doesn't Free Software (among
other things in this regard) shows that this is feasible? What are the
conditions for that? IMHO that is one of the most important questions
for Oekonux.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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