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[ox-en] Manifiesto para Lula (fwd)

Free software community delivers manifesto to President Lula:

Representatives of the free software community present at the world
social forum in Porto Alegre today presented a manifesto to president
Lula supporting the 'Zero Hunger Program' and proposing that the new
government support free software projects.

'though at first sight software has nothing to do with hunger and social 
problems, in this document we try to prove the opposite' states the 
document, which goes on to explain how Free Software can collaborate with
the Federal Government to reach these goals.

'We propose that the Government of President Lula develops a project
prioritizing the use of free software in the public administration and
encourages the national IT industry to work with free platforms', says
Branco, a member of the co-ordinating body of the RS Free Software
Project [RS=Rio Grande del Sur, first Brazilian State to pass a
free software law (Graham)]].

Diego Saraiva of the National University of Salta, Argentina, and member
of of the NGO *Hipatia* [with some resemblance to Oekonux (Graham)]
went further: 'Brazil can't carrying on draining its internal resources,
around 1 million dollars a year, to pay royalties to the big corporations
from the north. With free software these stay in the country and can help
to fight hunger' he stated. 'The international free software community
expects great things from the Lula government. Brazil can be the great
example for other countries, and we're ready to help'.

The document was shown and given to Oded Grajew, special assessor for
President Lula and one of those who had the idea ['um dos 
idealizadores'] for the World Social Forum, who promised to take the
matter up with the President.


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