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Nationalism, protectionism and Free software advocacy, was: Re: [ox-en] Manifiesto para Lula (fwd)


On Fri 24-Jan-2003 at 05:29:58PM -0500, Graham Seaman wrote:

Diego Saraiva of the National University of Salta, Argentina, and
member of of the NGO *Hipatia* [with some resemblance to Oekonux
(Graham)] went further: 'Brazil can't carrying on draining its
internal resources, around 1 million dollars a year, to pay
royalties to the big corporations from the north. With free
software these stay in the country and can help to fight hunger'
he stated. 

It makes me feel rather uncomfortable when Free software advocates
use arguments that make it sound like they support some kind of
nationalist protectionism -- problems, like world poverty, cannot be
solved on a national basis. 



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