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Re: [ox-en] It's quite around here!

i am joseluis from "buenos aires - argentina"  and
new at ox-en list....can you tell me more about the book.....
maybe i can help...

El dom, 02-03-2003 a las 09:05, Chris Croome escribió:

This list has not had much traffic of late, so I thought I'd drop
the list a line so we all know it's still working :-)

I had promised to set up a CVS repository for the book, I'm half way
to setting up a subversion [1] repository -- it has command line tools
the same as CVS [2] but it is more interesting to play with since
it's the planned replacement for CVS, and one point of Oekonux is to
have some fun and subversion is a new toy!

Slashdot is running a story on the US army's planned use of Linux
and it had generated a more-interesting-than-usual /. discussion
with people suggesting free stuff like this:

  How about $26 billion for global no-cost healthcare and food?
  THATs futuristic!






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