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Re: [ox-en] It's quite around here!


replying to josx and Chris simultaneously... (yes I know this is
bad and messes up the threads, but I'm feeling lazy)

On 3 Mar 2003, josx wrote:

i am joseluis from "buenos aires - argentina"  and
new at ox-en list....can you tell me more about the book.....
maybe i can help...

We had a proposal to put together a book from existing writings by
oekonux members, mainly in German (see for many of them). However,
we have a shortage of people to translate from German to English (or
German to Spanish!) so work is going very slowly. Do you read German?

El dom, 02-03-2003 a las 09:05, Chris Croome escribió:

This list has not had much traffic of late, so I thought I'd drop
the list a line so we all know it's still working :-)

I had promised to set up a CVS repository for the book, I'm half way
to setting up a subversion [1] repository -- it has command line tools
the same as CVS [2] but it is more interesting to play with since
it's the planned replacement for CVS, and one point of Oekonux is to
have some fun and subversion is a new toy!

Slashdot is running a story on the US army's planned use of Linux
and it had generated a more-interesting-than-usual /. discussion
with people suggesting free stuff like this:

  How about $26 billion for global no-cost healthcare and food?
  THATs futuristic!

I found most of the discussion pretty depressing, actually. Too many 'we
are the ruling nation' assumptions. 

As for being 'quiet in here', I've noticed that traffic on most of the
free software lists I'm on that aren't purely technical has dropped quite
drastically recently. Is it the war?








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