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Venezuela (was Re: Asambleas Populares [ox-en] (was Re: It's quite around here))

Hi Timothy/JoseLuis

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Timothy Baldwin wrote:

On Monday 03 Mar 2003 2:17 pm, josx wrote:
i am joseluis from "buenos aires - argentina" and
new at ox-en list

I'm also new to the list, and since you are from Argentina:

Have the asambleas populares (popular assemblies) been involved in Free 
Software in any way, or has any part of the Free Software Movement been 
involved in the asambleas populares?

A related question I've been wondering about but found it hard to find
any information for is: what is happening in Venezuela? The world's only
government to announce not only support for free software, but that it is
taking free software as a model for its whole technological strategy, yet
there is near complete silence. 

I understand that the political situation there is so tense that everyone
has more urgent problems, but I would be curious to know what Linux or
free software people from Venezuela think. My impression is that the free
software people there have reacted in different ways - that most are
trying hard to involve any involvement at all with politics, in fear of
being divisive; that some are very aligned with the anti-Chavez movement
for reasons unrelated to software, and that a few are supportive of
Chavez, for a mix of reasons partly to do with free software and partly
because of a previous alignment with the left.

But that's at least 60% guesswork. Does anyone know any better? If it is
true, is part of the problem that the free software policies have come
from the top down, instead of emerging from local programmers? (unlike say
Argentina where groups like Via Libre and 'proposicion' have been active
for some time?). Or is that too simplistic?



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