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Re: Asambleas Populares [ox-en] (was Re: It's quite around here!)

On 7 Mar 2003, josx wrote:

the "asambleas populares" isnt involved in free software...i think that
they dont know about the existence of fs...and they are not related with
any kind of technology.
I think they will not be realted because the kind people that is

so why are free software and the PT so related in Brasil? (eg Rio Grande 
do Sur). And why is it that the first free software bill to pass was 
promoted by a minister whose main concern is land reform? Why are the
people who work on public access to computers in the favelas so often 
linked with free software? There are possible bridges between the people 
involved in software and the people involved in assembleas populares,
even if those bridges don't always exist yet.

remember that argentina is a third world country and technology is not a
thing to worried about is society. ( by now i think asambles populares
are worried about taht people can eat, live better, etc...)...

not waste government money on software licenses that can be used for 
hospitals, schools, etc... (ok, I know this isn't an immediate 
life-or-death issue in the same way as organizing a soup-kitchen, but
it is still a real issue and I'm not inventing it -




El jue, 06-03-2003 a las 17:01, Timothy Baldwin escribió:
On Monday 03 Mar 2003 2:17 pm, josx wrote:
i am joseluis from "buenos aires - argentina" and
new at ox-en list

I'm also new to the list, and since you are from Argentina:

Have the asambleas populares (popular assemblies) been involved in Free 
Software in any way, or has any part of the Free Software Movement been 
involved in the asambleas populares?

Timothy Baldwin
Member WYLUG, SWP (UK), ANL, Leeds SA, Leeds Anti-war coalition
No to patents on computer software! Stop the war!



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