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Re: Asambleas Populares [ox-en] (was Re: It's quite around here!)

but thins kind of events dont have any relationship with "asambleas
populares". They care about argentina situation and society,but they are
not linked....


El jue, 06-03-2003 a las 19:04, gus escribió:
On Thursday 06 March 2003 17:01, you wrote:

Iam Gus, also from Argentina. one year in the list Oekonux

In 2002 In forum Social of Argentina.My institution Clacso
Latin American Council of Social Science

organized a panel about free software 
I invited to Diego Saravia from Salta Argentina, Marcelo Branco from Brasil, 
Juan Carlos Gentile from Uruguay and others.
Also at the end of 2002 with the same people in the UTN 
organized the same  panel...


On Monday 03 Mar 2003 2:17 pm, josx wrote:
i am joseluis from "buenos aires - argentina" and
new at ox-en list

I'm also new to the list, and since you are from Argentina:

Have the asambleas populares (popular assemblies) been involved in Free
Software in any way, or has any part of the Free Software Movement been
involved in the asambleas populares?


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