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[ox-en] internet+censorship


Like most free software related groups, I guess people on this list have
been making an effort not to discuss the war on the list. But this issue
seems to be more specifically related: it looks like the US government has
got all service providers to turn off routing to the aljazeera web site -, - reachable from the UK a couple of days
ago, now not reachable from anywhere. And it looks from traceroute like
everything stops at their local ISP, it's not a DOS. There doesn't seem to
be much discussion of this - even the slashdot aljazeera discussion barely
mentions it. So I wondered 1. whether it's true; for example, is that what
you get from Germany too; and 2. is there any way round this at all? Are
there any ways other people eg. the Chinese have found to get round this
kind of censorship?



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