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[ox-en] Copyleft on Everything? (was: Graham Seaman * The Two Economies; Or: Why the washing machine question is the wrong question)

Hi Graham

On Sunday 06 April 2003 14:27, Graham Seaman wrote:
You're allowed to summarize, quote from, or excerpt
from someone else's work, copyrighted or not. That's fair use.
I couldn't take that right away from you if I wanted to (which
I most certainly don't).

If someone quotes from a non-free source the resulting text will 
not be compatible with copyleft licenses like the GPL or GFDL.

Besides that, AFAIK (and IANAL), the German Authors Rights Law 
allows quotes only in scientific texts. This means that it would 
be illegal to distribute poems that consist of quotes from your 
essays, or pop songs that contain samples of your speech. 


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