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[ox-en] Presentation of our project

Hi everyone:

I'm new in this list and I just read about your project for the first
time in another mailing list. I think that can be interesting to present
our project in the list. Well y/our project is:

and like we try to explain in the manifesto:
"The idea behind the initiative is for it to be a tool
which encourages the cooperative work effort of all types of people from
every part of the world, promoting the coming together of people and the
exchange of ideas and solutions to problems, with the condition that the
results of the projects will remain freely accessible to whoever may
find them useful, within this tool.
In order to translate the Free Software and Open Source initiative to
other fields in life, tries to make easier the
cooperative work between people with similar interests about any
content, by the use of the Internet as the main communication method,
although no other media is to be discarded. The results from the
combined efforts that are achieved must be available under free
distribution license (read licenses section for more information)."

Imitating the Free Software Community we use gforge in our site (a
derivate of sourceforge) to manage free projects.

We have also a draft of Free Project Definition:

Maybe this is a litle and modest step towards the GPL Society (a new and
beautiful name for my big dream of a new society).

I will read with interest y/our list a docs.

Many thanks and congrats for your work,

Vicente Ruiz
 "Our hope is that this project will inspire similar efforts at other
 institutions and will reinforce the concept that ideas are best viewed as the
 common property of all of us, not as proprietary products intended to generate 
 profits." William and Flora Hewlett Foundation president Paul Brest, commenting
 on the foundation's support for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
 OpenCourseWare initiative.  


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