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Re: [ox-en] Internet and the social movement in France

Hi Raoul and all!

2 weeks (15 days) ago Raoul wrote:
The existence of Internet makes it possible not to depend more on the trade
unions for the information flow. This monopoly of information is (was?) one of
the most frightening weapons of the trade unions against the combativeness of
the fights when those tend to overflow them. In May 68, for example, they made
use of it abundantly to facilitate the general resumption of work, announcing
untruthfully the end of the strike for places which were still in fight. But,
the monopoly of information is (was?) also the principal pretext to have the
monopoly of the negotiation and decision-making power in the fights.

Yes, the Internet has a big potential to fulfill a number of
democratic requirements so much that it becomes dangerous to those in
power. I mean if you take democracy and its values serious democratic
politicians should be running for everyone getting an email address
and a web browser and discuss and decide in the Internet where
everyone interested can be part of a decision making process. To me
this looks like the ultimate fulfillment of democracy. However, is
this what we see?

A visit to the site of the "coordination" of the teachers, "ReseauDesBahuts"
(for those who read some French) makes possible to have:
- "on line" information on the fight of the teachers (and parents of pupils)
and on the feverish debates on how to self-organise apart from trade-unions
("dismissible delegates ", etc.) ;

More and more I wonder for what situations this is really needed at
all. After all if you have an established online community there is
simply no need for representatives any more - at least in many cases.
Just make a suggestion modify it by the comments and concerns as long
as there is one - and then act. Ok, there are situations where you
simply can't ask because you need a decision immediately...

- an illustration "in vivo" of what new technologies can bring to the workers'
fight and the development of the capacity to self-organise.


PS: I have not been present for a while in the list. I have big problems of
time. But I intend answering to the mails that commented on mine and make some
comments on Graham's very rich and interesting text: "The two economies".

Don't worry. I think my late postings alone established a culture
where it is not necessary to answer immediately ;-) . I prefer taking
my time to have a few hours of free time and free head.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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