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[ox-en] oekonux 3

Graham writes

Some people from hipatia would like to come to the next oekonux conference
- but they also hope to go to the WSF India meeting january 2004, so hope
the two meetings don't coincide.

We are-  in the project list-  considering doing ox3 in Vienna maybe in
April, May or June 2004. No date fixed yet. No decision-making and no
council so far ;-) Just an idea. At least there is an open invitation from
University of Vienna - Dept. of Philosophy. It would be good anyway not to
rush to the decision, but keep it well - aligned with our environments.
Very complex task, indeed. Some want, for example, keep track of Austrian
Social Forum 04 - Hallein and other "musts". Good to have some inputs on
this. I also like the effect of clustering conferences in one place and
(almost) one time, that produces cross-fertilisation.  Vienna seems
perfect for this one ;-)



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