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Re: [ox-en] WIPO considers alternatives to patents (?!!!)

Hi list!

Last month (33 days ago) Graham Seaman wrote:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: James Love
To: CNI-COPYRIGHT -- Copyright & Intellectual Property
Sent: 7/10/03 7:03 PM
Subject: Nature: Drive for patent-free innovation gathers pace -  Kamil
Idris is being asked to assess the merits of an open approach to
intellectual property

Nature reports

Unfortunately Nature doesn't let you have this article :-( .

that WIPO has agreed to organize the meeting on open
development models... jamie

I just googled a bit about this and found it interesting how often
this mail from James Love appeared in mailing list archives. I'm
suspecting this for a long time now, but rarely had such striking
evidence on how the system of mailing lists around the world seems to
be a quick and effective model for distributing news to the relevant /
interested people. It's interesting that this is not done by a
centralized organization but by a network of mailing lists interlinked
by persons who are on more than one mailing lists building the relays.

Ah - I'm rambling ;-) .

What I wanted to say is that I found the orginal letter at

But even more intersting is this:

After reading this I think it is very interesting to see that *in* the
WIPO there seem to be people who want to address this topic. Wasn't
the WIPO meant to be the realm of evil? To me it looks like the same
thing is happening here as in early Free Software time: There are
people in the organizations who are very sympathetic to the ideas of
Free Software and the like. Though officials in these organizations /
firms didn't like that idea these people kept their opinion - and in
the long run these opinions became more and more wide-spread. We
certainly have to follow this development!

There seemingly was a Washington Post article on this, too:

However, just as Nature they don't let it have you :-( . The citation
Google had was "The WIPO official, Francis Gurry, did not return
numerous calls for comment, but the organization has said it no longer
has plans for an open-source gathering"

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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