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Re: [ox-en] What if the designs of everything were free?

Danke schön Stefan.

You don't miss nothing, it's only the begin.

Although I think that from a politic point of view it's very interesting
this approach, I'm working also in other projects that I consider more
important and urgent (related with transgenics, for instance). Then for
me this is only a hobby, and I'll work on it little by little.

Maybe we can inspire other related projects. This makes me remember this

"Our hope is that this project will inspire similar efforts at other
institutions and will reinforce the concept that ideas are best viewed
as the common property of all of us, not as proprietary products
intended to generate profits."
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation president Paul Brest, commenting on
the foundation's support for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
OpenCourseWare initiative. 


Vicente Ruiz
PS: If somebody want to publish articles o comments related to open
designs it's easy to do it with this web (nowadays It's only supported
English, French and Spanish languages).

El mar, 26-08-2003 a las 20:56, Stefan Merten escribió:

Hi Vicente!

2 days ago Vicente J Ruiz Jurado wrote:
I've working these days on:

As far as I understood from the link there is not much yet. Did I miss

Anyway, if there is a little bit more stuff I'd add it to the Oekonux

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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