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[ox-en] Free Software's Freeness Guarenteed by US Army Invasion of Iraq*?!

In the light of the last post I made about Open Source and Denied Parties I thought this story and discussion on newsforge might be of some interest. They guy who originated this storm seemed to think that the US Army's actions in Iraq somehow made the world (or more properly the US) a safer place for free software. Whats more it seems that the guy thought that if someone invaded the US they would crack down on his ability to write free software:

In one way the guy may have apoint but not the one he articlulated ... it is arguable that has the US Army sucks various locales into the global system (aka Empire) they get to be strcuk off the list of countries that it is prohibited by US Law to export open source/free software to ... thus making those countries "free" to be able to download Mozilla without worrying about the legal implications arising...
See for example this discussion on the linuxiran list:

It seems that these discussions and the US law and discussion thereof previously posted raise the spectre of an open source not quite as free as we might have liked to believe or decieve ourselves ... constrained by law, geography and trade barriers as it appears ... but maybe the problem what is or who decides what is "free" be it free software, free speech or the free world.

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