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When: Sat 18th October 1- 5pm
Where: The Mangle, 5-10 Crown Works, Temple Street, Bethnal Green, E2
Tube: Bethnal Green - 5 min walk.
1. Books/Magazines/records/Videos/CD's etc
2. Clothes/Shoes etc
3. Household Stuff
4. Children/Baby Clothes & Toys
5. Anything/Everything else...(+ unsorted Lucky Dip Items!)

1pm. Arrive with your many bags and boxes of unwanted items sorted into
the categories above.

3pm. GALA OPENING of the FREE STUFF DEPARTMENT STORE, you are invited to
browse  at your leisure through the sumptuous array of goods on offer,
selecting anything you desire and taking it home with you, entirely free
of charge.

No BBQ this time around but please bring snacks & drinks.

Tell your friends!


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