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Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox] Theses about the relation between the Oekonux project and the remaining world

I think Attac is rather different from Oekonux - for instance in the
breadth of its topic. 

I was at an ATTAC workshop at the London Social Forum last weekend. I
would say that, if they were representative of that movement, then they
differ from almost all the others that were there in having a buy-in to
an underlying political/philosophical platform, and that they believe
small reforms to capitalism are "all" that is needed.

well. i am no attac member myself and i share some of the resentiments, but
i know a few attacis. attac is very different from country to country and
there is a broad range of people in attac. i.e. the chief of attac in france
is a communist. he will certainly disagree that small reforms to capitalism
is all that is needed while others may indeed believe that...

i guess the common sense there is that some (small or not so small) changes
in the right direction should be a start (e.g. the famos tobin tax).

this is where i as a communist myself can agree: things like tobin tax is a
good short-term goal... and a great victory in the sense that to even
archieve such a small goal it would be necessary to break the neoliberal
hegemony... but these things are not enough as midle or long-term goals.

there are also groups inside attac that focus on long-term visions... 

lg mond.

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