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Re: [ox] Re: [ox-en] Theses about the relation between the Oekonux project and the remaining world

Hi Thomas!

Yesterday Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
Really? I believe to remember that Franz Schaefer said something
about 150 sleeping places in communal residences.

You are confusing that with the idea that 150 places are free in
Vienna. But FranzS is right: These are relatively unimportant
questions now. Only for a few Oekonux people who may want to speak at
the ASF.

However, Stefan Mn. has categorically denied this offer,
arguing that an outsider might get the false impression that
Oekonux is a leftist project, and some who don't consider
themselves 'left' might even feel not invited.

I'd like to underline that this is not only my phantasy but
this has been expressed by Herbert who offered his
infrastructure for the conference.

I can only find one mail by Herbert in the pox folder, and I
can't follow what you are referring to.

FranzS has been indescreet enough to cite him from the meeting:

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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