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[ox-en] is free software 'disruptive'

as many of today's business gurus claim? and what is this fancy buzzword
'disruptive' anyway all about? it's the romantic idea of the business
(wo)man as revolutionary... a variation of the old idea that destruction is
good for capitalism.



Clayton Christensen's new book, "The Innovator's Solution," is already
stimulating debate about ways that "aging technology giants" can stave off
the advance of disruptive technologies. Among the 'mature' companies under
siege from upstarts: Eastman Kodak, Motorola, Walt Disney, AOL, and
Gateway. As the article notes, "all are grappling with business models
roiled by fast-changing technology -- speedier microprocessors,
accelerating digitization of data, widening use of the Internet -- and
desperately seeking ways to exploit new markets while not alienating old
customers." So what are today's disruptive technologies? Digital
photography, digital music, Linux, Wi-Fi, ECNs, and online software
services, just for starters.


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