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Re:Hello Martin AND The Hipatia Manifesto WAS [ox-en] Hello all

hi martin, hi list

I.	Martin Olivera wrote:
Finally I register myself on Oekonux english list...

welcome on board ;) - i wanted to be the first to say that - dam ;)

I have had several contacts with Oekonux site and
ideas, mainly through Graham Seaman. We both
participate in Hipatia (,

II.	The Hipatia Manifesto

i remember some work was done on this list re. The Hipatia Manifesto back in august ... when the planet mars was nearest us co-incidentally ;)

on the issue of a manifesto i suggest:

i) it may be quicker to re-purpose / re-factor, and otherwise de-mystify, existing ones that were designed for the job :)

ii) it may be more appropriate, because of the nature and (growing :) multingual composition of [ox], to define and translate mutual acceptable terms for the things we wish to describe

this would allow both ourselves, and others who would share our terms, to incorporate our new language in to our older ones produce a joint document
between Hipatia-Oekonux (or Oekonux-Hipatia ;)

i used to think that 'there could be only one' manifesto ... but now i know there's going to be many manifestos ... and i think this is how it should be

this bit of your manifesto:

Earth, water, air and fire were the elements of the classical world.

is not a term but, never the less, caught my attention ;)

why do you begin with this classification system ?

graham just wrote:

strange culture on this list; sometimes you get an immediate discussion, sometimes nothing happens for two weeks and suddenly you get a deeply thought out answer!

sometimes a bit of both :)

all the best



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