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[ox-en] Hello all

Finally I register myself on Oekonux english list...

I have had several contacts with Oekonux site and
ideas, mainly through Graham Seaman. We both
participate in Hipatia (, an
association promoting the free knowledge (I guess that
Stefan Merten helped in the translation of Hipatia´s
Manifest to german, ne?).

Ich kann etwas auf Deutsch verstehen, aber nicht zu
viel, so I prefer to contact you in English.
I am from Argentina, and I offer to Oekonux spanish 
translation for interesting documents like "Free
software, free society", the concept of GPL Society is
very interesting to me.

I found very near the vision of Hipatia and Oekonux,
in Hipatia there are mainly latin people (Argentina,
Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy and some people from
here and there, like Graham from England or someone
interested from China/Arabian...). Last month I think
to get closer Oekonux to produce a joint document
between Hipatia-Oekonux (or Oekonux-Hipatia ;),
something simple, easy and short, thought for "common
people", not involved with the free software movement
nor the Internet, because I think our Manifest is long
and hard to read, it´s just a piece of history ;)

Well, enough for the first message...

Martín Olivera

Internet GRATIS es Yahoo! Conexión
4[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] desde Buenos Aires. Usuario: yahoo; contraseña: yahoo
Más ciudades:


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