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Re: [pox] Re: [ox-en] How about a site?


On Sun 19-Oct-2003 at 06:08:56PM -0400, Graham Seaman
On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Stefan Merten wrote:

instance we have available still a number of third
level domains like `wiki' above. Also the tariff
allows for own CGIs which I think should suffice for a

I'd love if you could run the technical side of this
sub-project more or less on your own - perhaps with
Bennis help. If I have to do it it'll take place in a
year or so :-( . If you agree I'll provide you with
all necessary details like passwords and the like by

OK, I was thinking that I'd set it up somewhere and then
you could just point at the IP address of
the box and that would be it... If you want me to set it
up on your ISPs server that would be no problem either :-)

Last month (45 days ago) Chris Croome wrote:

It might also be worth looking at kwiki
( also very simple, still being
developed (but perfectly usable), with a basic cgi-based
setup easy to use on remote servers where you don't have
root, but also with an optional subversion backend.

Yep, I'd use kwiki I think if I set it up on Stefan's
server -- subwiki requires subversion and I wouldn't want
to install that without having root.

Don't understand ReST - is it any different from [name
your favourite wiki markup here] with output format

Neither! It's basically about using the HTTP methods, GET,
POST, PUT etc in the manner that they were designed to be
used, more info on the REST wiki:




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