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Re: [ox-en] Re: Primacy of State

Hi Adam!

2 months (71 days) ago Adam Moran wrote:
I.	State

Stefan Merten wrote:

Adam: Could you explain what Telos means (to you)?

the final form / shape of content ... but this misses the trick ... i'm
going to have to quote aristotle again, sorry

"What grows ? Growing grows from something into something.
What then is growing ? Not that from which it arose but that to which it

telos to me means "that to which it tends"

Ok. So it is similar to a goal? However, I know there is a difference?
Can you point it out?

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Adam Moran wrote:

2. 	Primacy of State

First of all: What do you mean by "state"?

every community has the telos to be a state of some kind ;) - a state is
a fully developed community; it is a political community

I guess I understand what you mean. This reminds me very much of parts
of the OHA debate in the German list. If I'm right this has been
debated hot there. I thinks this is what has been marked as
transcendent (as used in "Empire") or as alienated (as used by me)
qualities of a group.

However, this use of the word "state" is a bit unusual, isn't it. Thus
it invites misunderstanding. Could there be a better word?

II. 	Politics

i wrote:
If the Politics of the new 'global-unfolded-community-state' is not a
Politics of Class, then what is it ?

My guess is that its the Politics of Potentials; firstly the potential
of the 'global-unfolded-community-state' to define and build its telos /
vapor-ware, and secondly the potential of the 'unfolded-individual' to
a. know how they can help out in the process, and
b. enjoy the common wealth of the state

stefan wrote:

I am not sure whether I understand what you are talking about.

Is it that you are talking about:

Last week (11 days ago) Adam Moran wrote:

what are the politics, the relationship between the 'I' and the 'We', of
our new states ?


If so I think the thread on OHA/ODA are very relevant to your

ok - is OHA/ODA a name for our new politics ?

May be. I think OHA (I'll stick to the German abbreviation for now
until we found a comprehensive word) and politics are closely related.
But this is just from the top of my head.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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