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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?

Hi Chris and all!

I'm `Cc:'-ing the project list. The organizational details should be
clarified there.

I think there is

already. However, this might not be the right thing for every task.
Thus I like the idea of having

or similar.

The question is whether this is possible with the current web space
provider (1&1 - one of the two really big Internet providers in
Germany). However, Projekt Oekonux e.V. at the moment pays for a
tariff with lots of features so I do not see a real problem. For
instance we have available still a number of third level domains like
`wiki' above. Also the tariff allows for own CGIs which I think should
suffice for a Wiki.

I'd love if you could run the technical side of this sub-project more
or less on your own - perhaps with Bennis help. If I have to do it
it'll take place in a year or so :-( . If you agree I'll provide you
with all necessary details like passwords and the like by PM.

Last month (45 days ago) Chris Croome wrote:
have been looking around various wiki implementations and
the one that I think I'll start playing with is the
subversion wiki, SubWiki:

It's really simple at this stage, which makes it easy to
hack the templates:

The code and install instructions are here:

I did not check yet but from other postings I conclude that this is a
Wiki implementation using reStructuredText as its formal language.
Some months ago I found reStructuredText and think it is *the*
solution to many, many problems. In particular because it is actually
a living and very promising project. Also the technical ideas are
simply great.

Actually during two or three calmer weeks some months ago I thought it
would be nice to enter this project. I even contributed an Emacs mode
giving a reasonable font locking for reST texts. Of course this was a
crazy idea because for some time now I'm simply dismissing the mail
from this project :-( ...

The only problem for a reST based Wiki might be the availability of
Python on the server side. I'll have to check that.

Also I'd find it great if there would be some CVS support so changes
are logged in a CVS repository. Could you check whether there is
support for this? Also I'd like to have a mailing list where diffs are
posted. May be this could be done by CVS.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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