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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?


On Sun 19-Oct-2003 at 10:20:30PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:

Thus I like the idea of having

or similar.

I'd love if you could run the technical side of this sub-project
more or less on your own - perhaps with Bennis help. 

Also I'd find it great if there would be some CVS support so
changes are logged in a CVS repository. Could you check whether
there is support for this? Also I'd like to have a mailing list
where diffs are posted. May be this could be done by CVS.

OK, this is where I'm up to, I have changed my mind about subwiki,
it's nice for small things but it doesn't have the features that
people will want.

I started installing TWiki, but then changed
my mind and I'm now looking at using MediaWiki, which is the code that runs Wikipedia, this
does have all the features like email notfication, diffs etc.

Regarding multiple languages, as Benni pointed out [1] there are not
any wikis that support multiple langues well. The way that Wikipedia
gets around this is multiple sites, one per language, this seems
like the only option. So we could have:


And then at we could have a page with links to
the different language ones. There is also a way of creating links
between wikis that should work something like en:EnglishPage from a
non-english wiki to link to the english wiki. MediaWiki templates
have been translated into multiple languages... probably more than
we will ever need...

Now for the tricky issue (which doesn't need to be solved before I
sort the above out) -- copylefting the content...

- Do we want to use the GFDL?

- Do we want to use Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution?

- Do we want to be vague and not specify this...

I was thinking that using both the GFDL and CC by-sa might make
sense but after reading some of the threads on the wikipedia legal
list [2] (which are _loads_ easier to read via usenet: -- group threaded: 'GFDL /
CC by-sa compatibility') I've changed my mind on that.

Perhaps we should wait till the next versions of the CC by-sa and
GFDL come out and think about it then since any big threads we start
about it not are going to be outdated soon (hopefully)...





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