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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?


On Sat 30-Aug-2003 at 10:28:03PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], MJ Ray wrote:

Bah, negotiation is often done badly, but done right
it's a very impressive facility.  Dunno if the game is
worth the candle, though.  Certainly no wikis doing it
yet that I've seen, which is why I said we'd need to
create one.  There's a lot to be said for it.  I guess
as long as the wiki can tell you what languages it has
if it doesn't have yours, and open them in a
parallel-text style for you to do/edit a translation,
then that's good enough.  Anyone interested in this
idea?  It would probably be better than my original
translation idea in some ways.

Umm, I don't exactly understand what you are saying, but I
have been looking around various wiki implementations and
the one that I think I'll start playing with is the
subversion wiki, SubWiki:

It's really simple at this stage, which makes it easy to
hack the templates:

The code and install instructions are here:

I have a busy two weeks coming up, including going to the
n5m tactical media conference:

After that I'll get onto setting up a wiki site.




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