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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?

Hi lists!

For people on the German list who don't know what this
is about the thread this is from is here:

See also this email from yesterday about the question of
copylefting the content of the wiki:

On Fri 16-Jan-2004 at 02:22:58PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Chris Croome wrote:

OK, the two addresses above now work and does a redirect based on the
user agents language preference.

I have worked how to do easy links from German page to
English ones:

To link in the body of a document to a German page add

[[:de:Main Page]]

If you want the link in the header and footer use this:

[[de:Main Page]]

We just need some content now :-)

Info on how to use this wiki seems to be here:

Also some work might be needed on the templates and
language files and perhaps some css tweaks...

Anyone want to design a logo?!

I seems that much of the text of templates can be edited
via the wiki:

But to edit these things you have to be a sysop:

If anyone any one wants to be a sysop let me know what you
username is and I'll update the db. 

The old wiki is here:     

I guess content from it will have to be manually copied
across but there only seems to be 18 page so perhaps this
is not such a big job:



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