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Re: [pox] Re: [ox-en] How about a site?

On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Stefan Merten wrote:


Hi Chris and all!

instance we have available still a number of third level domains like
`wiki' above. Also the tariff allows for own CGIs which I think should
suffice for a Wiki.

I'd love if you could run the technical side of this sub-project more
or less on your own - perhaps with Bennis help. If I have to do it
it'll take place in a year or so :-( . If you agree I'll provide you
with all necessary details like passwords and the like by PM.

Last month (45 days ago) Chris Croome wrote:
have been looking around various wiki implementations and
the one that I think I'll start playing with is the
subversion wiki, SubWiki:

It's really simple at this stage, which makes it easy to
hack the templates:

It might also be worth looking at kwiki (
also very simple, still being developed (but perfectly usable),
with a basic cgi-based setup easy to use on remote servers where
you don't have root, but also with an optional subversion backend.
It has a plugin structure which makes it easy to create add-ons. 
It's perl.

I have no shares in this product ;-)

Don't understand ReST - is it any different from [name your favourite wiki
markup here] with output format converters? 


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