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Re: [pox] Re: [ox-en] How about a site?

Hi Graham and lists!

I keep in on [pox] because people there are concerned with such
questions and thus they should be at least informed.

3 days ago Graham Seaman wrote:
It might also be worth looking at kwiki (
also very simple, still being developed (but perfectly usable),
with a basic cgi-based setup easy to use on remote servers where
you don't have root, but also with an optional subversion backend.
It has a plugin structure which makes it easy to create add-ons.
It's perl.

Perl is good because our provider supports Perl very well.

I have no shares in this product ;-)

Why ;-) ?

Don't understand ReST - is it any different from [name your favourite wiki
markup here] with output format converters?

I think reST is *the* coming solution for all these tasks where you
need a ASCII based markup language which is close to typical such as
in e-mail. It has a lot of well-done features already and it is
actively developed with a very interested community.

Personally I value as little learning overhead as necessary for tasks
I simply want to use. Thus common standards are a good thing because I
have to learn them once and use them everywhere. This is what I think
reST has a potential to: Become a common standard for such a task.
Actually it's far better than any Wiki "markup" language I saw until
now and also better than the OpenTheory markup language. As a software
engineer I'd say it is simply not an easy task to design a *good*
standard in this area. reST is by far the best thing I saw until now.
I'm using a similar, but dead-end, markup language for years now.
Because of that I think I have an idea about what a good design of
such a language should look like.

That's why I call for using reST.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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