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Re: [ox-en] RedHat and Fedora and SuSE and Novell


On Wed 05-Nov-2003 at 01:42:21AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Benni Baermann

But if i can have a half-open RedHat, called Fedora ...
Why not take the full open Debian instead?

Well, personally I use Red Hat and will use Fedora because
I like that fact that the stable version is fairly
cutting-edge with things like use of UTF-8 etc and the
install is easy, oh and it's the distro I started with and
I just stuck with it....

I see no purpose in such in-between-things. If i want to
have an open development process, i will take Debian. If
i want a high-commerce-distribution, i will take Suse.

Fine, you are free to do that :-)

Choice and abunance are core elements of the free software
mode of production as opposed to the scarcity and
restrictions inherent with the industrial capital mode of

I think Debian and Fedora will probably get come closer
together over time, did you see this:

  Progeny Brings Red Hat and Debian Closer Together

   On Friday afternoon, Ian Murdock, the founder of the
   Debian GNU/Linux project and co-founder of Progeny,
   announced a status update of his company's Debian work.
   Murdock made two very important announcements: the
   porting of Red Hat's Anaconda installer tool to Debian,
   and a modification of Debian's APT package tool which
   will allow it to use both RedHat and Debian packages.




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